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E-Invoicing (EIPP)

What is EIPP?

Not sure if electronic invoicing fits your industry. You can learn more below. 

What Advantages Does E-Invoicing Offer?

Not sure if electronic invoicing fits your industry. You can learn more below. 

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Electronic Invoicing Presentment and Payment (EIPP): Streamlining Financial Operations

Efficiency of EIPP Software Solutions

Take your company to financial efficiency with our advanced Electronic Invoice Presentment and Payment (EIPP) solutions. When facing today’s digital ecosystem, efficient and secure transactions could not be more important. Our EIPP platform not only simplifies invoice presentment and payment processes but also enhances overall financial operations, leveraging cutting-edge EIPP software. With features like electronic bill presentment and payment, our solutions are designed to meet the dynamic needs of businesses seeking to optimize their electronic presentment and payment systems. Experience streamlined billing and payment processes, enhanced by our robust EIPP portal, and transform your financial management.

Trusted by Businesses: EIPP Success Stories

Real-world Impact of Our Credit Card Processing and Merchant Service Solutions.

Discover how our EIPP software has transformed the invoicing and payment processes for businesses. From simplifying recurring payments to enhancing analytics and reporting, read firsthand accounts of improved efficiency and customer satisfaction. Each review underscores our commitment to delivering top-notch electronic billing and payment solutions, affirming our role as a leading EIPP service provider.

Ready to Enhance Your Financial Workflow?

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Streamline Your Invoicing: From Creation to Payment

EIPP: Revolutionizing Invoice Presentment and Payment

E-invoicing is more than digital invoices; it’s a comprehensive workflow from creation to payment reception. Our software streamlines every step:

Invoice Creation:

Create professional, compliant invoices with ease. Our customizable templates allow you to include all necessary details, from itemized lists to precise tax calculations.

Invoice Delivery:

Efficiently send invoices through email or integrated platforms. This ensures instant delivery and prompt action by your clients.

Payment Processing:

Our platform supports diverse payment methods - credit cards, bank transfers, and digital wallets - all with the assurance of security and speed.

Payment Tracking:

Keep track of your invoices’ status, from issuance to payment, and automatically send reminders for overdue amounts.


Ease your financial management with automated matching of payments to invoices, minimizing manual efforts and errors.

EIPP Software: Elevating Invoice Management and Payment Efficiency

Features of Our Electronic Invoice Presentment and Payment Solutions

Discover the unparalleled capabilities of our Electronic Invoice Presentment and Payment (EIPP) software, designed to cater to the intricate needs of modern financial operations. Our platform is not just a tool for electronic invoice presentment; it is a comprehensive solution that enhances every aspect of your invoice and payment processes. From automated invoice creation to advanced payment tracking, our EIPP solution is engineered for efficiency, security, and simplicity.

Recurring Payments: Automate your billing cycle with our ‘Recurring Payments’ feature, ensuring timely, consistent revenue streams. This tool simplifies electronic invoice presentment and payment, enabling regular billing with minimal manual intervention.

Account Updater: Stay ahead with our ‘Account Updater’ service, automatically refreshing customer payment details to prevent disruptions. This feature is essential for seamless EIPP transactions, ensuring updated information for recurring charges.

Advanced Analytics: Unlock powerful insights with our ‘Advanced Analytics’, offering a deep dive into your electronic billing and payment patterns. This tool provides invaluable data, helping you make informed decisions to optimize your EIPP processes.

Dynamic Reporting: Experience comprehensive ‘Dynamic Reporting’, tailored for clarity and depth. This feature transforms raw EIPP data into actionable insights, aiding in strategic decision-making for your electronic invoice management.

Invoice History: Access comprehensive ‘Invoice History’ records, providing a detailed audit trail of all your EIPP activities. This feature ensures transparency and accountability in your electronic invoicing processes.

Send & Receive Functionality: Efficiently manage both sides of the transaction with our ‘Send & Receive’ functionality. This aspect of our EIPP solution streamlines the process of sending invoices and receiving payments, enhancing operational efficiency.

Customer Creation: Create and manage customer profiles effortlessly with our ‘Customer Creation’ feature. This integral part of our EIPP platform aids in personalizing the invoice and payment experience, ensuring a seamless interaction for each client.

QuickBooks Intuit Sync: Seamlessly integrate your EIPP activities with QuickBooks using our ‘QuickBooks Sync’ feature. This integration ensures that your electronic invoice presentment and payment data align perfectly with your accounting software, facilitating effortless financial management and reconciliation. It’s an essential tool for maintaining accuracy and efficiency in your financial workflows.


Ready to Transform Your Payment Process?

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Transform your invoicing and payment experience with our cutting-edge EIPP software. From streamlined electronic bill presentment to efficient payment processing, our solution is designed for the modern business. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to enhance your financial operations with our state-of-the-art electronic invoice presentment and payment platform. Take the first step towards optimized billing and payment solutions – Contact us now to get started!

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What is EIPP (Electronic Invoice Presentment and Payment)?

Electronic Invoice Presentment and Payment" (EIPP) refers to a business process that combines the electronic delivery (presentment) of invoices with the online payment of those invoices. This system is typically used by businesses to streamline their billing and collections process. Here's a breakdown of its components:

  1. Electronic Invoice Presentment: This involves sending invoices to customers digitally, instead of through traditional paper-based methods. These electronic invoices can be delivered via email, accessed through a web portal, or integrated into customers’ accounting systems. The goal is to make the invoice accessible easily and quickly.
  2. Electronic Payment: Alongside the electronic invoice, customers are provided with options to make payments electronically. This can include various methods like credit card payments, direct bank transfers (ACH), or through digital wallets. The idea is to offer a convenient, fast, and secure way for customers to settle their invoices.

What are the Advantages of EIPP also known as Electronic Invoicing?

EIPP systems are particularly useful for businesses with a large volume of transactions, as they significantly streamline the billing and payment process, leading to improved operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

  1. Efficiency: Reduces the time and resources spent on manual billing and collections processes.
  2. Cost-Effective:  Saves costs related to paper, printing, and postage.
    Faster Payments: Encourages quicker settlement of invoices as the process is more convenient for customers
  3. Real-Time Tracking: Allows businesses to track the status of sent invoices and received payments in real-time.
  4. Reduced Errors: Minimizes manual entry errors that can occur with paper-based invoicing.
  5. Improved Cash Flow: Helps businesses improve their cash flow management through faster receipt of payments.
  6. Customer Convenience: Offers customers a more convenient and flexible way to receive and pay invoices.
  7. Environmental Impact: Reduces the environmental footprint by eliminating the need for paper invoices.

Helpful Articles on E-Invoice Presentment and Payment (EIPP)

Modern mobile device with 3D data flow, representing e-Invoice Presentment and Payment (EIPP) and the mobile revolution invoicing.

Industry Insights on E-Invoice Presentment and Payment (EIPP)

Navigating the Future of Digital Transactions

Dive into an enlightening article featured on Fintech Futures, exploring the transformative impact of Electronic Invoice Presentment and Payment (EIPP) in the B2B payment landscape. This insightful piece delves into how the integration of mobile technology is revolutionizing B2B transactions, offering unprecedented convenience, enhanced security, and improved efficiency. Discover expert analyses on the evolving trends, the role of mobile solutions in EIPP, and how these advancements are reshaping the future of business financial operations. A must-read for professionals seeking to stay ahead in the dynamic world of financial technology and digital payment solutions

E-Invoice Presentment and Payment (EIPP) Revolutionizing B2B Payments

Transitioning from Paper to Digital Efficiency

Harvard Business Review article titled “Break the Paper Jam in B2B Payments.” This piece expertly explores the transformative journey from traditional, cumbersome paper-based payment systems to streamlined digital solutions. It highlights the challenges and opportunities within the B2B payment landscape, offering valuable strategies for businesses to enhance efficiency, reduce operational bottlenecks, and embrace the digital era of financial transactions. A must-read for businesses looking to modernize their payment processes and drive innovation in financial operations.

Conceptual depiction of transitioning from paper-based to digital B2B payment systems, illustrating the evolution in financial transactions.

Similar Payment methods to EIPP

At Fusion, We Offer Varying Models of Payment Collection Methods

At Fusion, we specialize in offering a spectrum of payment collection methods, each designed to streamline and secure your financial interactions. Our solutions are crafted to cater to a variety of business models, ensuring that whether your transactions are digital, mobile-based, or traditional, they resonate with efficiency and customer satisfaction. Embrace the ease of seamless online payments, the flexibility of mobile transactions, and the reliability of conventional methods, all underpinned by our commitment to security and user-friendly experiences. Discover how our diverse payment options can revolutionize your approach to financial management.

Hosted Payments Page:

A hosted payments page is a specialized web page that allows customers to securely make payments online. Here's how it typically works and its benefits:

QR Code Payments

Incorporating QR codes on digital or paper invoices that customers can scan with their smartphones to be directed to a payment portal.

Direct Debit/EFT Payments:

Allowing customers to pay via Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) or Direct Debit, where payments are automatically withdrawn from their bank account.

Text-to-Pay Invoicing

Text-to-Pay is a mobile-friendly payment method that combines convenience with accessibility.

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